Dunlopillo is one of the best known bed brands in the world and is the leading manufacturer of latex mattresses. Natural Latex is found in the sap of Rubber trees. Dunlopillo source their latex from rubber trees grown in sustainable plantations all around the world.
Dunlopillo use ActiProTM technology which provides natural protection against allergens, dust mites and odours. 
The Dunlopillo Go range uses tension to relieve muscle tension in all 650 skeletal muscles, relaxing the muscles and ensuring a rest full night sleep.
For your peace of mind, Dunlopillo Signature Collection mattresses and bases are guaranteed for 8 years. With the Electric Ottoman or Adjustable Electric divan base the motor is guaranteed for 5 years and the remote control handset is guaranteed for 2 years. Headboards, Super Comfort pillows and Serenity Deluxe pillows are guaranteed for 5 years. For more information on Dunlopillo please click here.